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Plumbing and Gas News

Practical tips for maintenance, service and repairs of plumbing and gas appliances

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Maintenance and Service


Worcester Greenstar 30CDI Combi - intermittent hot water

Worcester Greenstar 30CDI Combi - intermittent hot water

Hot water fluctuates between hot and cold or hot water is unstable.
Remove the cover of the boiler and run hot water tap. Touch the plate heat exchanger at the back of the boiler. If the heat exchanger is very hot but hot water pipe is just warm then the heat exchanger is blocked and needs replacement.
You will need to drain both the heating system and the hot water to replace the heat exchanger. Some of the pipes and Water unit on the left will need to be removed in order to get the heat exchanger out.

The part number for heat exchanger is 87161066850



Armitage Shanks Fixing Temperature Problems with Armitage Shanks A

A962280NU is the replacement cartridge for the Markwik Contour 21. It is a TMV3 cartridge made from brass and plastic polymer. 


Thermostatic cartridges are made to combine hot and cold water for a relaxing shower session. But, if a Markwik Contour 21 Mixer is suddenly producing only hot water (or only cold water), it might be a sign the thermostatic cartridge has worn out. Check if the cold (or hot) water supply line is clear from any debris that obstructs water flow. If it is clear, the thermostatic cartridge might be what is causing the problem.


Armitage Shanks A962280NU Cartridge Removal for the Contour 21 A4135AA

Please shut off hot and cold water supplies before starting.


1. Remove the decorative insert found on the top of the handle to access the grub screw.

2. Use a 4mm hexagonal key to unscrew the grub screw.

3. Lift the handle and the ring piece out.

4. Use a 36mm box spanner to unscrew the old cartridge out of the valve.

5. Apply silicone grease on the O-rings of the A962280NU.

6. Fit and secure the cartridge in the valve and reassemble the handle.



Potterton Gold 28HE A - faulty Ignition electrode 5114702 or 720222801

Potterton Gold 28HE A - faulty Ignition electrode 5114702 or 720222801

The boiler makes a loud banging noise every time it fires up. Need to take the Ignition electrode out and check the gap between 2 metal rods. The size should be a size if £1 coin thick. To replace the electrode turn off the power to the boiler and remove the front panel and combustion panel. Undo 2 screws with hexagon allen key and put a new one in. The loud banging noise should stop.




Vado Replacing the Vado CEL-001B/B-WAX Cartridge

Shower minor repairs often involve changing the shower cartridge. Thermostatic cartridges can fail because of normal wear and tear and/or water quality. Vado CEL-001B/B-WAX is the thermostatic cartridge for Vado Celsius, Nuance, Notion, Origins, Elements, Life, Soho, and Mix.  All are concealed shower valves. Please click on the link to see the specific shower model codes for this cartridge plus other cartridge information and how to buy.


To remove and replace the old shower cartridge, simply shut off water supplies. Remove the handle and the wall plate to access the cartridge. Remove the old screw-fit thermostatic cartridge. Apply silicone lubricant on the O-rings of the new Vado CEL-001B/B-WAX. Insert and screw it in the shower valve.



Triton Combi HP - thermostatic shower water is too cold

Triton Combi HP - thermostatic shower water is too cold

The thermostatic cartridge inside the shower valve is faulty. Need to replace the cartridge. Need to isolate the cold and hot water supply to the shower before replacing.

The part number is 83304970


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