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Practical tips for maintenance, service and repairs of plumbing and gas appliances

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Maintenance and Service


Hudson Reed Thermostatic Cartridge for SNINASF CEL-001A-WAX Ultra, Hudson Reed, Vado, Crosswater

The symptom of a faulty thermostatic cartridge on this shower is when the shower temperature got stuck in lukewarm adn doesnt change regardless whether you turn the temperature dial to the left or to the right.

You need to isolate hot and cold water to the shower. You will also need a circlip remover tool as there will be 2 circlips on your way.

Be careful because one of the oldest shower models temperature control knob doesn't fit on a new cartridge.



Main combi 25eco Faulty pressure relief valve 248056

If boiler is constantly loosing pressure despite servicing the expansion vessel and no leaks found on the heating system the the Pressure relief valve (PRV) most likely to be an issue.

To replace the PRV the boiler heating circuit needs draining. There is a grab screw which needs undone to replace the PRV.

The part number is: Main pressure relief valve 248056



Grohe 47600000: Temperature and Flow Rate Problems

The Grohe 47600000 controls the shower’s temperature and water flow rate. Through years of use, the abrasive nature of limescale can damage the cartridge piston and its parts.


When the Grohmaster Avensys has difficulty (or can no longer) adjust shower water temperature/flow a replacement Grohe 47600000 thermostatic cartridge may get the shower to function like before.


Opening the valve:

- Remove the "Grohe" button and loosen the screw using a screwdriver.

- Undo the fastening set and remove the cover ring and stop ring.

- A 30mm spanner is used to unscrew the faulty Grohe cartridge.



Insert a thin screwdriver in the center of the splines. Turn it clockwise to make the water temperature higher and anti-clockwise to decrease the temperature.



Heat Lline CaprizPlus 28a - Faulty Diverter Valve Actuator Motor 3003200039

Fault description

Boiler does not produce any hot water. When hot water tap opened the boiler works but radiators getting hot instead.

Cause of the problem

Most likely cause is a faulty diverter valve or diverter valve actuator. To check which one disconnect the diverter actuator from the valve and open the hot water. If there is power to the diverter vale but the spindle isn't moving the replace the actuator

Replacement part number

Diverter Valve Actuator Motor 3003200039




Viessmann Vitodens 100 W WB1B - 7828718 Ignition Ionization Electrode fault F4

Fault description

Boiler makes noises for 2 minutes after being switched on and off for and then goes into ignition lock-out with fault F4 on the display.

Finding the problem

Remove the outer case and locate the ignition electrode on the burner. Undo 2 screws and remove the electrode. Check the gap between 2 metal electrodes. It should be £1 coin thick. If the electrode is bent then try to straightened it with pliers very carefully because it is very easy to snap. You might need a new part.

Part number

Viessmann 7828718 Ignition Ionization electrode


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