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Practical tips for maintenance, service and repairs of plumbing and gas appliances

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Maintenance and Service


Heat Lline CaprizPlus 28a - Faulty Diverter Valve Actuator Motor 3003200039

Fault description

Boiler does not produce any hot water. When hot water tap opened the boiler works but radiators getting hot instead.

Cause of the problem

Most likely cause is a faulty diverter valve or diverter valve actuator. To check which one disconnect the diverter actuator from the valve and open the hot water. If there is power to the diverter vale but the spindle isn't moving the replace the actuator

Replacement part number

Diverter Valve Actuator Motor 3003200039




Viessmann Vitodens 100 W WB1B - 7828718 Ignition Ionization Electrode fault F4

Fault description

Boiler makes noises for 2 minutes after being switched on and off for and then goes into ignition lock-out with fault F4 on the display.

Finding the problem

Remove the outer case and locate the ignition electrode on the burner. Undo 2 screws and remove the electrode. Check the gap between 2 metal electrodes. It should be £1 coin thick. If the electrode is bent then try to straightened it with pliers very carefully because it is very easy to snap. You might need a new part.

Part number

Viessmann 7828718 Ignition Ionization electrode



Ideal Standard S960025NU Cartridge Removal

Ideal Standard’s S960025NU is fitted in many taps such as:

– Ideal Standard Senses Sphere Basin Pillar Tap

– Alchemy Dual Control Wall Basin Mixer - Lever Handles Basin Taps

– Sandringham Sink Mixer Rim Mounted 2Th Ah Kitchen Taps

– Affinity Kit Mixer Rim Mounted Mono Xh Kitchen Taps


The tap photo shown in this guide is the Ideal Standard Senses Sphere.


The S960025NU is a pack of two cartridges namely the:




This is the removal process for the Ideal Standard Senses Sphere Tap:

1. Remove the handle lever by turning it anticlockwise.

2. Use a 2.5mm Allen key to loosen the handle’s grub screw.

3. Lift to remove the handle.


4. Undo the cartridge screw to remove the insert.

5. Unscrew the cartridge anticlockwise and lift to remove it.



Vado CEL-RETROFIT/B Replacement Process

The Vado CEL-RETROFIT/B fits most B-type shower valves. However, it is not for the Vado Notion, C-types, and bar valves. This is a TMV2 cartridge and is suitable for low-pressure systems.


How to Replace the Vado CEL-RETROFIT/B

1.    Use a 2.5mm Allen key to remove the control handles.

2.    Remove the temperature stop ring.

3.    Turn the retaining rings anti-clockwise to remove.

4.    Remove the faceplate.

5.    Isolate the hot and cold water supply. Isolation screws can be found on both sides of the valve.

6.    Use an Allen key to remove the old Vado cartridge.

7.    Put silicone grease on the O-rings of the replacement Vado CEL-RETROFIT/B thermostatic cartridge and secure it in the shower valve.

8.    Reassemble the faceplate and handles.



Ideal Standard/Armitage Shanks Simple Tips: Installing A962478NU Solenoid Valve

Ideal Standard/Armitage Shanks A962478NU is a solenoid valve for Armitage Shanks Sensorflow 21 and Markwik electronic taps. It is not suitable for the Sensorflow Solo or the Sensorflow 2.


Solenoid valves control the water flow in hands-free taps using an electric current. Before attempting to change the solenoid valve, it is recommended to turn off water supplies and remove the electronic board from the plug for safety.


Push the Ideal Standard/Armitage Shanks A962478NU in the chamber and properly position it. Screw it securely in place.


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