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Plumbing and Gas News

Practical tips for maintenance, service and repairs of plumbing and gas appliances

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Maintenance and Service


Ideal Isar HE24 - Faulty Diverter valve (173624)

Ideal Isar HE24 boiler heating radiators when hot water is on.

  • If central heating is OFF but the radiators are still getting hot when hot water is running and hot water temperature is not very hot then the Diverter valve could be a problem
  • To test when the radiators are cold and boiler was not working for a while open hot water tap and touch the right hand-side 22mm pipe.
  • If the pipe is getting hot then replace the diverter valve.
  • Diverter valve kit part number is 173624 




Vaillant EcoTec plus 637 F.32 Faulty fan 193593

Vaillant ecoTec plus 637 system boiler doesn't work with a fault code F.32

  • The boiler fan is faulty fan 193593 or a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is faulty
  • To test take the electrical connection out of the fan and measure DC voltage across Red and Blue wires. The voltage should be 22VDC
  • If no voltage present replace the PCB
  • If voltage is present then replace the fan



Porcelanosa Noken NK - CICE France OPTIMA 40 TH F Thermostatic Cartridge

Porcelanosa Noken NK - no hot water and the temperature handle is very stiff to turn.

  • Replace the thermostatic cartridge
  • The replacement part is: CICE France OPTIMA 40 TH F Thermostatic Cartridge
  • Isolate the water to the shower valve before replacing the cartridge



Heat Lline Capriz 28 - faulty PCB (3003202166)

Heat line Capriz 28 Combination boiler goes into ignition lockout with a red flame light on the front panel after an attempt to ignite.

If the boiler is trying to ignite but the flame doesn't stay the the flame sensing electrode or PCB flame rectification device is faulty. Check the flame sensing electrode's position and continuity (use multi-meter) from the tip to the connection port on PCB. If there is a continuity then replace the Pcb

The part number for the PCB is 3003202166 and the part number for the sensing electrode is 3003202102



Vaillant ecotec Plus 824 - Fault F.75 - Faulty expansion vessel (181051)

Vaillant ecotec Plus 824 looses pressure after using heaiting.

  • When you turn the heating on after the short period of time the pressure level goes up to red zone (3Bars)
  • High pressure forces a Pressure Relief Valve to open to release the excessive pressure from the system as the water expands when heated up (up to 4% at 100ºC)
  • An expansion vessel contains a rubber membrane which separates a pressurised air and central heating water.
  • Annual boiler service is required to check and re-pressurise the expansion vessel up to 1 bar (with a bicycle pump). Drain the boiler water before recharging.
  • If water starts leaking from the expansion's vessel nipple then it is faulty and needs replacement. Very often it needs replacement together with a Pressure Relief Valve
  • The part numbers are: Vaillant Ecotec Expansion Vessel 181051 & PRV 178985


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