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Plumbing and Gas News

Practical tips for maintenance, service and repairs of plumbing and gas appliances

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Maintenance and Service


Glowworm Xtramax HE

Combination boiler Glowworm Xtramax HE with a hot water storage cylinder discharges a lot of water from the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve (T&PRV). After I turned the power on and put a hot water demand approximately after 10 seconds when a secondary, hot water pump start working but all hot water taps are closed and water in the storage cylinder is cool the top T&PRV start discharging lots of water continuously.

  1. First check that the hot water expansion vessel which is located in the bottom right corner of the boiler is charged with air up to 3.5 bar. There is only one screw is holding it. Remove the cup from the nipple and press. If water start coming from the nipple then you need to replace the expansion vessel.
  2. If expansion vessel is OK then replace the T&PRV. The part number is 0020018589. Not many suppliers keep this in stock. It is going to be a special order which might take up to 4 working days. You can order it from here.

Boiler manual: PDF



Mira Crescent Cheltenham

Mira Crescent Cheltenham concealed thermostatic shower is constantly dripping from a shower head. The shower valve has a ceramic discs Flow Cartridge Assembly which has worn out. The part number for the flow cartridge is 441.56. To replace the cartridge you will need to isolate cold and hot water supply's. The cartridge can be ordered from here.



Trevi Therm MK2 - no hot water

The hot water is running cold from the shower. Trevi Therm thermostatic cartridge assembly (S960134NU) need replacement. To replace the cartridge you don't need to isolate water supply just close it. To dismantle the cartridge you need to undo 1 screw and remove 2 securing clips. Pull out a cartridge extension and a pressure adjustment handle. Then with a spanner unscrew the cartridge assembly from the valve. You can order the cartridge from here.



Worcester Greenstar 24i Junior - timer is not working

The boiler works fine when you put it on constantly on and if you want to turn it off but doesn't work on timer. The most likely you need to replace the mechanical timer. Turn the electricity off and remove the boilers cover. This is a very easy part to change. Unscrew one screw holding it and pull it upwards. Disconnect the wires and plug in the new one. The part number for the mechanical clock for Worcester Bosh is 7716192036 and it can be ordered from here

Boiler manual: PDF



Ariston Eurocombi A23 MFFI - The hot water is lukewarm

The water from a hot tap is lukewarm and keeps fluctuating. First of all we need to check the burner pressure of the boiler. Remove the from cover and connect the U-gauge to a P2 test point on a gas valve. Open the hot tap and with the boiler on check the burner pressure. It should be 11 mbar. If it is then we need to test the hot water thermistor. Unplug the wire and measure resistance between two connectors. It should be 12 kOhms at 12°C. If it is then we need to test the plate heat exchanger. Open a hot tap and touch the heat exchanger. If within 20 seconds it gets scalding hot then its blocked and need cleaning or replacing. The part number for the heat exchanger is 571646 and can be ordered from here

Boiler manual: PDF


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