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Plumbing and Gas News

Practical tips for maintenance, service and repairs of plumbing and gas appliances

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Maintenance and Service


Ariston Eurocombi A23 MFFI - The hot water is lukewarm

The water from a hot tap is lukewarm and keeps fluctuating. First of all we need to check the burner pressure of the boiler. Remove the from cover and connect the U-gauge to a P2 test point on a gas valve. Open the hot tap and with the boiler on check the burner pressure. It should be 11 mbar. If it is then we need to test the hot water thermistor. Unplug the wire and measure resistance between two connectors. It should be 12 kOhms at 12°C. If it is then we need to test the plate heat exchanger. Open a hot tap and touch the heat exchanger. If within 20 seconds it gets scalding hot then its blocked and need cleaning or replacing. The part number for the heat exchanger is 571646 and can be ordered from here

Boiler manual: PDF



Hansgrohe DN15 - Poor pressure

The pressure from a shower is very poor and you can fill stiffness when opening the valve. The insert inside the shut off valve has got rusty or the washer has slipped off. Isolate the water supply to the valve. Undo the middle nut anticlockwise to remove the handle and get access to the shut off unit. Using hexagon key unscrew the insert. Lubricate it with silicone grease or replace with a new one. The part number is 94142000 Hansgrohe Genuine 94142 Shut off unit with spindle ½ counter clockwise open 270 Axor Pharao Allegra Duo Plus and can be ordered from here



Ideal Elan RS30 - Boiler is not firing up

The boiler's pilot light is on and the there is a power supply to it but the boiler is not firing when heating is on. To test a gas valve turn the heating on and turn the boiler thermostat on. Check voltage between brawn and blue wires to the gas valve. If there is 240V across then the gas valve is faulty and need replacement. The part number is 078560 (GCN: 41-407-96) and it can be ordered from here. Part number from boiler manual is 586731900 (GCN: 395685).

Boiler manual PDF 



Sirrus Rothwell R995 Antique Shower Water is not hot enough

The pressure from a shower is good but the temperature is not very hot. This type of showers don't have a thermostat adjustment hence the whole thermostat will need to be replaced. To replace the cartridge isolate the water supply to the shower. The part number for the cartridge is Sirrus Thermostat &Piston SK1500-3 and it can be ordered from here.

Shower valve manual PDF 


Hot Water Cylinders

Megaflow Safety discharge pipe is dripping

Megaflow unvented cylinder has water intermittently dripping or leaking from the safety discharge pipe. The leak could be from a Temperature and pressure relief valve (TPRV set at 6 bar) or from a Pressure relief valve (PRV set at 8 bar). First need to determine from which valve is dripping. Undo the outlet nuts on both valve and check which outlet is wet. If the TPRV is wet then the cylinder need servicing and a bubble top to be recharged. If the PRV is wet then most likely its need replacement or cleaning. For replacement you need to order only a cartridge. The apart number is 95605870. The cartridge can be ordered from here.


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