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Plumbing and Gas News

Practical tips for maintenance, service and repairs of plumbing and gas appliances

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Maintenance and Service


Potterton Prima 50C - Boiler goes to lockout 2 times a day

If it locks out in the morning it may be the spark electrode that gets damp overnight if it has a hairline crack in it, it will usually recover once it has some voltage put through it, hence it lighting on the second attempt, and sometimes the gas control valve sticks. If it is overheating then I would usually check the system and bypass first, and I would replace the overheat and boiler stat sensors before shelling out for a costly pcb.

Boiler manual PDF



Main System HE - Flame goes off after 10 seconds.

The PCB is faulty (5112380) or flame sensing electrode is not positioned correctly or broken. If there is 1µA current on a sensing electrode, then PCB need replacement. Otherwise the sensing electrode. Main technical support number is 0844 871 1570. The gas valve is faulty if when boiler is in the lock out there are 20 VDC across two black wires for the main solenoid valve.

Boiler manual PDF.



Crosswater SME-029 Thermostatic shower - Temperature and pressure problem

Crosswater Designer wall outlet hose attachment, Thermostatic shower valve with bath spout and diverter or shower option SME-029. A problem with water temperature. The water is too cold when you turn the temperature to maximum. Termostat adjustment doesnt make water any wormer. Cartridge have to be replaced. The manufacturers website. The cartridge part number is SC50-T20 and it can be ordered from here.


Hot Water Cylinders

Megaflow The cylinder is not heating up Immersion Heater replacement

Hot water cylinder stopped working and you dont have any hot water. Check first an immersion heater fuse on a consumer unit. Is a cable life to the heater? If not it might be on economy 7 supply. Is there 240V between blue and brown? Is there resistance around 190 Omhs?



Geberit AP109 - Flush valve is letting-by

Geberit AP109 cistern code is 109.720.00.1 which has a dual flush valve with activation unit.


  • Flush valve - 241.415.00.1
  • Activation unit - 240.574.00.1

Technical service contact information: robert.byrne@geberit.com Tel: 01926 516 820


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