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Plumbing and Gas News

Practical tips for maintenance, service and repairs of plumbing and gas appliances

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Maintenance and Service

Hot Water Cylinders

Megaflow Safety discharge pipe is dripping

Megaflow unvented cylinder has water intermittently dripping or leaking from the safety discharge pipe. The leak could be from a Temperature and pressure relief valve (TPRV set at 6 bar) or from a Pressure relief valve (PRV set at 8 bar). First need to determine from which valve is dripping. Undo the outlet nuts on both valve and check which outlet is wet. If the TPRV is wet then the cylinder need servicing and a bubble top to be recharged. If the PRV is wet then most likely its need replacement or cleaning. For replacement you need to order only a cartridge. The apart number is 95605870. The cartridge can be ordered from here.



Potterton Suprima 40L - lockout twice a day

Boiler Potterton Suprima 40L goes to lock out several times a day. The central heating system was very dirty and a powerflush has been done. The powerflush didn't help much and the boiler continued to lock out. Next we need to check a thermistor, overheat stat and PCB. The thermistor has a good readings and an overheat stat does make a circuit. The PCB has a burning marks on it. Its faulty and need replacement. The part number for PCB is 5111603. The PCB can be ordered from here.



Aqualisa Aquavalve 609 thermostatic

Dripping water from a shower rose. Water is constantly dripping from the shower head. A thermostatic cartridge has worn out and need replacement. Isolate a cold and hot water supply before replacing the cartridge. Pull off the on-off nahdle and unscrew 4 screws holding the cartridge. Replace the cartridge with a new one. The part number is 022801. Estimate price is £120. You can order this part from here.



Aqualisa Aquavalve 409 manual shower valve is dripping

The water is constantly dripping from the front of the shower valve and running on the tiles surface into a shower tray.

Remove the front handle and unscrew 4 screws to remove a temperature regulator. If water is leaking from the place where the cartridge connects a valve body then you need to isolate a cold and hot water supply to a shower and undo 4 screws those securing the cartridge. Remove the cartridge and replace or seal around a rubber washer. Then put everything back together the leak should stop.

If you see that the water is leaking from the middle of the cartridge where blue and black parts meet each other then the whole cartridge has to be replaced. The cartridge part number is 022804 and it can be ordered from here.



Viessmann Vitodens 100 W Compact Outer case fixing clips

Wall mounted gas fired condensing boiler with Inox-Radial heat exchanger with an improved modulation range of 1:4. These new model come with a 5 year comprehensive parts and labour warranty as standard as well as a 10 year warranty on the Inox-Radial stainless steel heat exchanger. The maximum heat output can be adjusted to suit the heat load of the property. This model will run on natural gas or LPG by adding a simple conversion kit.

Its new sturdier casing improves ease of servicing (with all parts easily accessible from the front), reduces the weight and  further reduces the class-leading noise emissions. The problem with this case is that it has removable plastic fixings at the top which are easy to break or to lose after years of servicing and maintenance. This model is quite rear to find in UK properties and not many gas engineers can easily finger out how to remove the casing. They try hard and can often break the clips.

I was doing a gas safety inspection in a property with one of those boilers and found the casing to be loose at the top. This breaks the seal for the air intake chamber and a boiler can use an air from the kitchen to burn gas. I classified this appliance as AR until I can get two clips to fix the cover properly.

The clips part number is 7817500 can be ordered from Parts Centre.

Boiler manual PDF


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