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Plumbing and Gas News

Practical tips for maintenance, service and repairs of plumbing and gas appliances

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Maintenance and Service


Geberit AP109 - Flush valve is letting-by

Geberit AP109 cistern code is 109.720.00.1 which has a dual flush valve with activation unit.


  • Flush valve - 241.415.00.1
  • Activation unit - 240.574.00.1

Technical service contact information: robert.byrne@geberit.com Tel: 01926 516 820



Vokera Sabre 25HE - Boiler quickly loosing pressure

The boiler keeps loosing pressure up to 0 within 3 hours.

Boiler manual in PDF

Pressure relief valve (PRV) is letting by. How to check? Top up the pressure up to 1 bar by opening a filling loop and then have a look at the pressure discharge pipe termination if its dripping or not. If its dripping with pressure gauge readings up to 3 bars then the PRV need replacement. The part number is 10025055 and you can order it here.

Expansion vessel has lost its charge or diaphragm has split. How to check? Find the expansion vessel at the back of the boiler and push a nipple down. If there is a water coming instead of air then the expansion vessel need replacement. Due to incontinent design of this model its easier to fit an external expansion vessel 8 litres. Undercharged expansion vessel can be checked by turning the heating on and observing the pressure - it should shoot up to 3 bars and PRV starts discharging excessive water.

Its also worth to check a radiator valves for leaks - its a very common reason.


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