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Plumbing and Gas News

Practical tips for maintenance, service and repairs of plumbing and gas appliances

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Maintenance and Service

Underfloor Heating

PolyPlumb Leaking thermostatic vavle

Underfloor heating doesn't work.
Every time it switches on the fuse inside the wiring centre blows
Disconnect a wire from the pump and try again.
If the fuse doesn't blow then replace the pump
The pump damage might have been caused by a leak. 
In my case the manifold thermostat located right above the pump was leaking on it.
Replace the thermostatic vavle
The part number is Polyplumb Thermostatic Mixing Valve PB970029



Keston C55 - intermittent fault. Faulty PCB C17401000

Keston C55 system boiler goes into a lock out intermittently

The display shows different fault codes once or twice a day or every couple of days.

The PCB is faulty. Replacement part number is C17401000



Glowworm Flexicom 18HX - F70 fault code. Faulty display

Glow-worm Flexicom 18hx boiler display doesn't work

  • The display shows constantly "88"
  • The display PCB needs to be replaced. The part number is 0020023826 
  • After the PCB replaced the error code F70 will appear which means incompatible software
    • To fix the issue follow next steps:
    1. Press MODE and "+" for 5 seconds to enter the installers mode
    2. choose 35 press MODE for 5 seconds
    3. choose L2 press MODE for 5 seconds
    4. choose 93 press MODE for 5 seconds
    5. choose 5 and reset the boiler (if already 5 the n choose 1 reset the boiler and do all again)



Glowworm Xtrafast - faulty timer 57245

Timer replacement part number 57245


Thermal Store Cylinders

Pulsacoil A-class - Burnt relay and base

Not enough or now hot water

PC2000 Relay Base (New style - Must change relay as well)

Relay base code on our website xb147

Relay          code on our website xb146

Info - Berhams <info@berhams.co.uk>


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