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Plumbing and Gas News

Practical tips for maintenance, service and repairs of plumbing and gas appliances

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Maintenance and Service


HUB-001A-WAX Vado Thermostatic Cartridge Not Regulating Temperature

The Problem

 - The shower doesn't regulate water temperature correctly

 - Water temperature too hot

 - Water temperature too cold

 - Water temperature too tepid



Usually, if you're experiencing problems with the temperature of the water coming out of the shower valve the issue is one of the following:

1.  No hot water feed coming from boiler

 - Check to see if hot water is coming from the boiler

2. Blocked hot or cold water pipe

 - Check to see if hot and cold water pipes are clear of blockages

3.  Thermostatic cartridge problem

 - If the above two points are okay then it's likely that the cartridge is the problem.  In this case, replacing the old Vado HUB-001A-WAX cartridge with a new one should solve the problem.



Ideal Mini C24, C28, C32 Faulty Gas Valve 172611,173220, BI1193105

Ideal Mini C24, C28, C32

  • The CO level is too high for the first minute but then stabilises
  • The gas valve inlet pressure is 19mbar but gas valve burner pressure is too low
  • Replace the gas valve
  • Gas Valve 172611,173220, BI1193105



Grohe faulty Kohler 78913 Thermostatic 3/4 inch Cartridge

The shower has not enough hot water

  • Adjust the thermostatic shower by removing and changing the position of the handle
  • If the adjustment doesn't help then replace the thermostatic cartridge
  • Kohler 78913 Thermostatic 3/4 inch Cartridge



Glowworm Betacom 24c - PCB 0020061654

GLOWWORM Betacom 24C 30C

  • The radiators are getting hot when hot water is operated
  • The diverter valve faulty OR
  • Diverter motor is faulty OR
  • PCB is faulty. Check voltage on a diverter motor
    • voltage 240V AC between 1 and 2 for heating
    • voltage 240V AC between 2 and 3 fir hot water
  • Replacement part PCB 0020061654 


Thermal Store Cylinders

Pulsacoil 2000 - faulty T1 thermistor GT153

Pulsacoil 2000 produces no hot water.

  • The water tank is full and the cylinder is hot
  • The PCB flushes twice indicating a normal operation
  • To test open the hot water tap and measure the voltage to the pump
  • If there is no voltage replace the Thermistor T1
  • The part number is Gledhill GT153


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