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Practical tips for maintenance, service and repairs of plumbing and gas appliances

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S960134NU Thermostatic Cartridge Issues and Solutions

The Ideal Standard / Trevi S960134NU thermostatic cartridge is used in a number of different shower valves which were made post 1997.  The brass construction of the cartridge is prone to limescale buildup, therefore the cartridge can and will deteriorate over time.  If you live in a hard water area the cartridge will fail sooner than if you lived in a soft water area.

As always, to extend the life-cycle of a thermostatic cartridge we at Di Vapor® recommend customers install a water softener of some sorts to reduce the calcium lime that enters the valve.  If you need to replace the cartridge you can buy one here

So what are the issues you'd expect to find in a shower valve that has one of these faulty S960134NU cartridges?  Below are a list of the issues:

  1.  Your shower will not regulate temperature correctly.  This can come in a number of different ways.  You mayexperience spiking or fluctuating water temperatures where one second the water is luke warm, the next scolding hot, the next cold.  This is most definitely a tell tale sign of a cartridge which is on its last legs.  The cartridge can also become seized up on the inside which will mean that it not even change the temperature of the water.  In this scenario you'll only get one temperature out of the valve, at which ever point the cartridge has seized up.
  2. Leaking: The cartridge may need replacing if water is leaking from around where the thermostatic cartridge is installed into the shower mixer valve.  This is due to a deterioration of the cartridge.
  3. Water temperature not changing fast enough.  When you turn the temperature knob on your shower the water should change temperature within a couple of seconds (if it is receiving a steady flow of hot and cold water).  If the temperature of the water takes longer than this then the thermostatic element in the shower cartridge is struggling to adjust the cartridge.

In all of the above scenarios, should your shower be receiving a balanced feed of hot and cold water then the solution is to replace the thermostatic cartridge.  If you need a S960134NU, you can buy one here.


Bathstore Thermostatic Cartridge

Servicing Guide Kusasi Shower Bath Valves

This cartridge is used in a number of different Bathstore shower valves, including twin and triple exposed and concealed models.  Often this cartridge is used in the models which have a red button.  This is not an absolute rule, however in a lot of cases it is.  If you need to replace this cartridge you can buy one here.

Problems you may have with this thermostatic cartridge:

  1. Temperature of the water is too hot and stays hot
  2. Temperature of the water is too cold and stays cold
  3. Temperature of the water isn't regulating properly and fluctuates up and down
  4. Leaking valve around the thermostatic cartridge
  5. Poor showering performance

If you are experiencing any of the above the problem is likely to be the cartridge.  Please bare in mind that the performance of the shower is directly affected by the performance of your boiler.  If the boiler is not providing the shower with a constant flow of hot and cold then the shower won't be able to perform.  

This replacement Bathstore thermostatic cartridge which can be seen in the image is used in Bathstore's KL2001RC, KL2000RC, Metro, Kusasi, Quatra and more shower valves.

Replacing the cartridge with a new one should fix the above aforementioned issues.



Grundfos H 43A52105 P20115 - Leaking Pressure switch

The pressure switch to be replaced.



HUB-001A-WAX Vado Thermostatic Cartridge Not Regulating Temperature

The Problem

 - The shower doesn't regulate water temperature correctly

 - Water temperature too hot

 - Water temperature too cold

 - Water temperature too tepid



Usually, if you're experiencing problems with the temperature of the water coming out of the shower valve the issue is one of the following:

1.  No hot water feed coming from boiler

 - Check to see if hot water is coming from the boiler

2. Blocked hot or cold water pipe

 - Check to see if hot and cold water pipes are clear of blockages

3.  Thermostatic cartridge problem

 - If the above two points are okay then it's likely that the cartridge is the problem.  In this case, replacing the old Vado HUB-001A-WAX cartridge with a new one should solve the problem.



Ideal Mini C24, C28, C32 Faulty Gas Valve 172611,173220, BI1193105

Ideal Mini C24, C28, C32

  • The CO level is too high for the first minute but then stabilises
  • The gas valve inlet pressure is 19mbar but gas valve burner pressure is too low
  • Replace the gas valve
  • Gas Valve 172611,173220, BI1193105


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