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Plumbing and Gas News

Practical tips for maintenance, service and repairs of plumbing and gas appliances

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Maintenance and Service


Main Mersey Super multipoint water heater - faulty automatic valve 2106378

Main Mersey Super multipoint water heater makes a very loud scary noise

  • Flame doesn't go off after hat water tap closed
  • Steam coming from a hot water tap and loud noise from the water heater
  • The Automatic valves pin has got stuck
  • Remove the bottom cover from the water governor at the back of the boiler
  • Find a metal pin sticking out and try to move it up and down
  • If it moves then lubricate it and reassemble the water governor
  • If the pin has got stuck permanently then replace the Automatic valve 
  • The part number is: Main 2106378 automatic valve assembly



Worcester Greenstar 30CDI Conventional boiler - F0 error - full boiler reset

Worcester Greenstar 30CDI Conventional boiler shows F0 error code and not working

  • The error code appears sometimes only
  • F0 means boiler internal error
  • PCB requires a full reset
  • Full reset procedure:
    1. Press  Spanner button for 8 seconds
    2. Press Eco and Suitcase buttons simultaneously until 8A on a display
    3. Press Eco button to 8E on a dysplay
    4. Press Ladder button for 5 seconds until display shows 00
    5. Press Ladder button once to complete the full PCB reset
  • If after a full reset error code F0 continues then replace PCB



Worcester Greenstar Ri 24 - Faulty PCB replacement 87186871640

Worcester Greenstar Ri 24 open vent boiler works intermittently


Thermal Store Cylinders

Pulsacoil 3 - faulty pump replacement - Grundfos 15/50 Pump for Gledhill Units XB004

Pulsacoil 3 - hot water is intermittent or no hot water while the clinder itsekf is hot.

  • Hot water goes cold after 5min shower
  • Hot water becomes lukewarm when tap is opened on full
  • To test unscrew the vent cup on the pump and with hot water running on full try to stop the impeller with a screw driver
  • If the impeller is easy to stop then pump is faulty and needs replacement the replacement part is Grundfos 15/50 Pump for Gledhill Units XB004



Main Combi 24 HE - Radiators are getting hot when hot water tap is opened. Faulty Hydraulic Venturi 24805

Main Combi 24 HE - Radiators are getting hot when hot water tap is opened.

  • Open the boiler casing and find the water flow switch at the front, left, bottom side
  • Open the hot water tap and check if a spindle is moving forward to activate a micro-switch
  • If the spindle is not moving at all then replace the diaphragm inside the flow switch valve. You will need to isolate a cold water supply to the boiler
  • If the spindle is moving slightly but not far enough then look at the venturi which is located inside the hydraulic unit on the right hand side of the boiler
  • To replace the venturi you will need to isolate the cold water supply to the boiler
  • the part number is Hydraulic Venturi 248051 or 248050 


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