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Plumbing and Gas News

Practical tips for maintenance, service and repairs of plumbing and gas appliances

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Maintenance and Service


Ideal Logic 30 - Faulty timer 204839

Ideal Logic 30 combi boiler timer doesn't work

  • Timer is faulty if its making a very loud ticking sound
  • If the clock hands don't move or time doesn't change
  • To replace the timer turn off the power to the boiler and remove the front cover of the boiler
  • Faulty timer 204839 



Worcester 24CDi RSF Combi - Faulty fan 8716120034

Worcester 24CDI RSF- Worcester 8716120034 Fan Assembly replacement 

  • Boiler GC number is 47 311 30
  • The hot water indicator is flushing fast red after 20 seconds of heating or hot water demand
  • Reset the boiler by pressing a red button on the front panel
  • Turn the room thermostat on or open a hot water tap
  • Open the boiler cover and check the voltage to the fan assembly
  • If there is 240V but the fan is not turning then replace the fan
  • The part to replace: WORCESTER 24CDI RSF / 24SBI FAN – 8716120034



Hudson Reed Ultra Hudson Reed SA30049 faulty Thermostatic Cartridge

This is a quick article for people who have a problem with their Hudson Reed (or Ultra) Concealed Twin thermostatic shower mixer. 

As this is an older mixer, the thermostatic cartridge will deteriorate over time.  The inner workings of the cartridge will gather calcium carbonate, also known as limescale.  This calcified substance is hard therefore as the innerworkings of the cartridge move, given enough time, even brass will start to corrode and wear down.  For this particular Ultra Concealed Twin Thermostatic Shower Mixer you'll need a Hudson Reed SA30049 Thermostatic Cartridge.

When the thermostatic cartridge is faulty you will generally experience a drop in shower performance through either:

1.  Poor water flow.

2.  Unable to get the correct water temperature, i.e. You set the temperature to 38C however it is clearly not 38C.

3.  You will experience fluctuations in water temperature.  Please do ensure that you are getting a constant feed of hot and cold water to your shower as this could also be the problem.

4.  The thermostatic temperature handle is stiff or even completely seized up.

Solution: Replace with an SA30049 cartridge.



Crosswater CP0000250 Thermostatic Cartridge Failure

Crosswater CP0000250 Cartridge - Limescale Problems

In this quick article, we'll describe how to replace a Crosswater CP0000250 Thermostatic Cartridge and detail the main cause of cartridge failure; limescale.

When there is a lot of limescale in water it's called hardwater.  Conversely, when there is little limescale in water, this is called softwater.  Generally a thermostatic cartridge like the CP0000250 will last longer in a softwater area.  Why is this?  Limescale, which is a hard substance made of calcium carbonate, builds up and calcifies on the cartridge.  For a thermostatic cartridge to operate the moving internal parts need to be able to move without hinderence.  This movement is inhibited when limescale builds up on the cartridge.  Unfortunately, as the limescale is hard, it can even wear away the internal workings of the thermostatic cartridge as the moving part grind against the hardened limescale buildup.

You have two options to fix this problem:

1.  Soak the cartridge in limescale remover.  The advantage of this is it can get you up and running within the hour.  The disadvantage of this is that it's usually only a temporary solution and a new cartridge is needed to fix it long term.  You may find that the thermostatic cartridge doesn't work even after the limescale remover has been tried.

2.  Buy a new cartridge.  This'll bring your shower mixer valve back to its original operational functionality and will fix the problem for usually the same amount of time the cartridge took to fail in the first instance (as mentioned, it's all to do with the amount of limescale in the water which is passing through your shower mixer valve).  The cartridge could last for 2 years or it could last for 20 years.  If you need the Crosswater CP0000250 (also known as the GP0000250) you can buy it here.



Vaillant ecoTec pro24 - fault F62 PCB 0020132764 or Gas valve replacement

Vaillant ecoTec pro24 combi boiler has an intermittent fault F.62 which stops hot water and heating to work

  • Fault F.62 indicated problem with a Gas Valve or PCB. 
  • Need to carry out the following test to identify:
    • To test the gas valve remove the electric plug from the gas valve and measure the following:
      • Pins 1-2 - 34 Ohms
      • Pins 3-4 - 17 Ohms
      • Pins 1-4 - 51 Ohms 
    • To test the PCB
      • In the top left corner of the Printed circuit board find terminal X20
      • Measure DC voltage across Blue and Red wires with power on
      • The voltage should be 24V DC and when the gas valve opens after the spark it should go down to 12V
    • If PCB has failed the test then replace the part: Vaillant EcoTec Plus Printed Circuit Board (PCB) 0020132764


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