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Plumbing and Gas News

Practical tips for maintenance, service and repairs of plumbing and gas appliances

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Maintenance and Service


Triton 83310120 Thermostatic Cartridge Problem - No Hot Water or No Cold Water

If only hot water or cold water is coming out of your shower, there are several reasons this could be.  To determine the problem, follow the following steps:

1.  Make sure there is hot water entering the shower.

2.  If there is, the problem could be a pressure issue whereby some shower valves struggle to mix when there is too much pressure from either the hot or the cold feeds.  If your shower was previously working then this shouldn't be a problem as it's likely your pressure will be the same as before.

3.  Now, turn off or isolate the water to the shower.

4.  Remove the 82210120 thermostatic cartridge.  This will remove by pulling it out (not a screw fit).

5.  Make sure there is nothing blocking the cartridge inlets.

6.  If nothing is blocking then it's probably an issue with the inner workings of the cartridge and the cartridge will need to be replaced.

7.  The part needed is the Triton 883310120 thermostatic cartridge.  

8.  This cartridge is also used on Triton Norina, Dart 2, Amala, Altessa, Cassini and Sentiment shower valves.



Crosswater Belgravia Exposed Valve not regulating water temperature correctly

Crosswater Belgravia thermostatic mixer shower not regulating water temperature correctly.

  • First, make sure there is a balanced hot and cold water feed entering the shower mixer.  If there isn't, the thermostatic cartridge may have trouble mixing the water.
  • Check whether there is a constand supply of hot water entering the shower mixer
  • If the above two points are okay then isolate the hot and cold water supply and remove the thermostatic cartridge.
  • Make sure there is nothing blocking the gauze filters on the thermostatic cartridge.
  • If nothing is blocking gauze filters, replacing the thermostatic cartridge is likely to fix the problem.
  • The corect part number is Crosswater CA43-29 Thermostatic Cartridge



Aqualisa Colt - Dripping shower cartridge replacement Aqualisa Cartridge Grey 022801

Aqualisa Colt - Dripping shower valve from the shower head making a loud noise during the night

  • If the shower is dripping the cartridge needs to be replaced
  • Isolate hot and cold water supplies to the valve
  • Cartridge replacement  Aqualisa Cartridge Grey 022801 



Main Mersey Super multipoint water heater - faulty automatic valve 2106378

Main Mersey Super multipoint water heater makes a very loud scary noise

  • Flame doesn't go off after hat water tap closed
  • Steam coming from a hot water tap and loud noise from the water heater
  • The Automatic valves pin has got stuck
  • Remove the bottom cover from the water governor at the back of the boiler
  • Find a metal pin sticking out and try to move it up and down
  • If it moves then lubricate it and reassemble the water governor
  • If the pin has got stuck permanently then replace the Automatic valve 
  • The part number is: Main 2106378 automatic valve assembly



Worcester Greenstar 30CDI Conventional boiler - F0 error - full boiler reset

Worcester Greenstar 30CDI Conventional boiler shows F0 error code and not working

  • The error code appears sometimes only
  • F0 means boiler internal error
  • PCB requires a full reset
  • Full reset procedure:
    1. Press  Spanner button for 8 seconds
    2. Press Eco and Suitcase buttons simultaneously until 8A on a display
    3. Press Eco button to 8E on a dysplay
    4. Press Ladder button for 5 seconds until display shows 00
    5. Press Ladder button once to complete the full PCB reset
  • If after a full reset error code F0 continues then replace PCB


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