Regulations and Organisations

Hot Water Systems

  • the required flow should arrive to the outlet at MIN 50°C within 30sec
  • Dead Legs Reduction: lagging pipes; secondary return; time switch on secondary return pump; trace heating
  • the heating and hot water system must be fully pumped
    fully pumped central heating and hot water system

Central Heating System

Environmental Friendliness

  • Consider use of push-fit connections
  • Carry out all solder joints at the same time
  • Fit electrolytic scale reducers (inhibitor) where appropriate
    electrolytic scale reducers
    • the most environmentally friendly way of reducing limescale
  • Inform the Water Company to advice before adding or discharging unknown combining chemicals
  • Old and antique plumbing fittings may be recyclable through Architectural Salvage
  • Don't add disinfectant to plumbing system if cleaning chemicals are present
  • Introduce a Waste Management System:
    • Scrap metal merchant
    • Dispose to Licensed site: plastic; oils, solvents and paints; certain appliances containing Chlorofluorocarbon Chemicals CFCs (refrigerators); Asbestos (only by specialist contractors)
    • Refrigerators disposal is controlled by statutory legislation
    • "Fly Tipping" - illegal dumping