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Di Vapor Walk in Bath Installation

Disability / Elderly

This is a short guide on how to install a Di Vapor Vado walk in bath.  Contrary to popular belief, walk in baths are not what you'd call a specialist installation, nor are they particularly tricky to install.  A lot of people shy away from buying a walk in bath because they believe the installation of it will be unreasonably costly because it's so specialist.

Yes, a walk in bath is a specialist product whose main users are those with a disability or who are elderly, however this doesn't mean the installation is specialist.   The installation of the disability bath will depend on what type you have; a whirlpool version or a non whirlpool version.

The whirlpool version of the walk in bath will have water and air jets throughout the bath, which will act just like a normal whirlpool bath / jacuzzi, yet with this bath the user is sitting in a chair like position as opposed to laying back.  For a whirlpool version, you will need to connect the electrics up either to an IP56 socked or to the mains of the house.  The power draw of the pumps in the bath aren't really that high so they can literally run off a plug (a waterproof IP56 of course in a bathroom). 

The other installation steps are applicable for a normal walk in bath as there are no electrics involved with a normal walk in bath.  Installation is exactly the same as a normal bath, where you need to connect a cold and hot water supply, and then connect a waste drainage pipe.  It's that simple.

When installation is complete, make sure the entire system is tested, including all of the different features.  It is especially important to check all of the pipe connections underneath and around the back of the bath to make sure they are not leaking.

When final checks are done, the user can then enjoy a more accessible way to bathe.  

For detailed information on the Vado Walk in Bath, click here.

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