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Electrical Supply and Earth Continuity

Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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Earth Bonding

Earth Bonding

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Electrical tests

Testing Equipment

Types of Electrical Tests

Central Heating Wiring Diagrams

Central Heating Diagrams

Electrical Current

Types of Electrical Systems


Fuse Types

Safety Requirements

Wires and Cables

Cable Protection

Cable Sizing

Cable Types

Electrical Circuits

Electrical Bathroom Zones

Electrical Components

Electrical Fittings

Switches and Sockets


Earth Bonding

Earth Bonding

Earth Bonding

Circuit Protective Conductor (CPC)
  • earth conductor is running through the circuit
Main Equipotential Bonding Conductors
  • MIN CSA – 10mm2
  • from the Main Earth Terminal to the water and gas services (the point where they enter the building)
  • 600mm MAX between the outlet of a Gas meter and earth bonding clamp
Mains Earth Bonding
  • from the main fuse to the consumer unit
  • Protects against indirect contact
  • MIN CSA – 16mm2
Supplementary Equipotential Bonding
  • electric shower and bath,  metal sink
  • Continuity test – low reading ohmmeter
  • MIN CSA – 6mm2 (4mm)
  • Double insulated electrical parts are not required to be earthed
Temporary Bonding
  • Two crocodile clips connected by 10mm2 sheathed conductor
  • Temporary bond is at least 1.2m of a single core flexible cable
Earth Rod
  •  MIN 1.2m long
  • Connected by MIN 16mm2 earth cable
Main Earth Bar
  • used to connect all earth cables together
Earthing of Appliances
  • Earth cable is the last to disengage if cable being tugged
  • 13A MAX Fuse for a plug on a ring main socket
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