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Gas Safety

Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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Unsafe Situations

Emergency Notices and Warning Labels

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Safety Devices and Controls

Air/Gas ratio valves

Appliances Controls

Flame Supervision Devices FSD

Gas Controls

Gas Meter Controls

Safety Cut-off Devices

Spare Part Identification


Open-vented System


Gas Appliances

Ventilation Sizing

Unsafe Situations

Dealing with Unsafe Situations

Emergency Notices and Warning Labels

Gas Leak




Tightness Test

Gas Performance

Gas Rate

Heat Input

Gas Supply

Gas Meters

Gas Pipework

Gas Fittings and Pipes

Gas Supply


New Installation

Pipe Protection

Pipework Sizing

Chimney and Flue


Flue Construction

Flue Inspection and Testing

Flue Terminals

Flue Types


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Combustion Process

Natural Gas

Portable Combustion Gas Flue Analysers


Components and Safety Devices

Warning Labels

  • 'DO NOT USE' label
    'Do Not Use' gase safety label
    • the most important label in the gas installer's portfolio
    • informs the customer about fine
    • should be used when the installation is considered to be Immediately Dangerous or At Risk
  • Compartment Ventilation warning label
    Compartment Ventilation warning label, gas safety
    • used when either open flued o room sealed appliances are fitted in compartments
  • Compartment Ventilation and Storage warning label
    Compartment Ventilation and Storage warning label
    • alternative warning label for compartment installations
    • instructs user not to store flammable materials in the compartment
  • Balanced Compartment warning label
    Balanced Compartment warning label
    • must be fitted to the door of a balanced compartment containing gas burning appliances
    • informs that the door must remain closed at all times during appliance operation
    • its not recommended that the compartment is used for storage purposes
  • Fireguard warning label
    Fireguard warning label
    • is used when open, gas burning, space eaters are installed
    • informs that the use of fireguard is recommended
  • Uncommissioned appliance label
    Uncommissioned appliance label
    • is used when appliance cannot be fully commissioned and left operating in a safe manner
  • Installer/service record label
    Installer/service record label
    • reminder of the need to have gas appliances regularly serviced
    • should be fitted to an appliance following installation or servicing
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Meter Installation and Control Labels

  • responsibility of gas transporters and gas suppliers
  • the operative must inform the gas supplier if the meter labeling is inadequate
  • Meter Label
    Meter Label
    • must be attached to all primary gas meters
    • there must be a label detailing the location and number of any secondary meters provided (responsibility of secondary meter installer)
    • Medium pressure gas meter label
      Medium pressure gas meter label
  • On/Off Gas Emergency Control Tape
    On/Off Gas Emergency Control Tape
    • must be on all meter/emergency controls
  • Gas Emergency Control Warning Label
    Gas Emergency Control Warning Label
    • when the meter installation is remote from a dwelling and not readily accessible to the occupier
    • separate emergency control should be provided near to the point of entry of the pipework
  • Gas Pipework Identification Tape
    Gas Pipework Identification Tape
    • requires under Regulation 23 for commercial and industrial sectors
    • not required but a good practice for domestic premises when the pipework is:
      • immediately following the gas meter
      • under floor boards or in roof space
      • outside a property
      • adjacent to other piped services
      • within a cellar
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