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Electrical Supply and Earth Continuity

Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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Fuse Types

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Fuse Types

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Earth Bonding

Earth Bonding

Cartridge Fuse

  • Usually found in plugs
  • 45A >13kW
  • 30A > 7kW
  • 20A – for storage and water heater circuits
  • 15A < 3kw for single appliances circuit
  • 13A between 700W – 3kW
  • 5A for lighting circuit (MAX load is 1200W or 12x100W lamps)
  • 3A < 700W (table lamps and alarm clock)
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High Breaking/Rupture Capacity Fuse (HBC)

  • link can blow without the fuse itself being destroyed
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Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)

  • opening as a result of the increased heat or magnetism
  • Situated in the Consumer Unit
  • Trips out when fault occurs
  • Protects against overload
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Residual Current Device (RCD)

  • senses an imbalance of current between the phase and neutral
  • Protects against Earth faults
  • Operate when detecting the fault above 30mA
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Residual Current Breaker with Overload (RCBO)

  • Combination of MCB and RCD
  • Recommended for commercial installations
  • Protects single circuits (ring with lots of computers in use)
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Rewireable Fuse

  • Not used on new installations because wrong wire can be used
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Suppliers Main Service Fuse

  • supplier’s cut out
  • part of the Supply Company’s Head
  • Sealed and can be served only by electricity supplier
  • MIN 750mm below roads (MIN 450 if below open grounds) – underground supply cables
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Customers Consumer Unit (CCU)

  • 25mm2 – cross sectional area cable between Company’s Head and CCU for live and neutral
  • Contains the main double-pole switch
  • Bus bar?????????????
  • Circuit Protection Conductors (CPC) – where “earth” conductors are terminated (Earthing Bar)
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Main Earth Terminal

  • 16mm2 earthing conductor from earthing bar in CCU
  • 16mm2 cable to the service head or outer casing of the supply cable  - in case of underground supply
  • To an earth electrode (main earthing conductor) – in case of overhead supply
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