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Gas Safety

Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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Gas Pipework

Gas Fittings and Pipes

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Safety Devices and Controls

Air/Gas ratio valves

Appliances Controls

Flame Supervision Devices FSD

Gas Controls

Gas Meter Controls

Safety Cut-off Devices

Spare Part Identification


Open-vented System


Gas Appliances

Ventilation Sizing

Unsafe Situations

Dealing with Unsafe Situations

Emergency Notices and Warning Labels

Gas Leak




Tightness Test

Gas Performance

Gas Rate

Heat Input

Gas Supply

Gas Meters

Gas Pipework

Gas Fittings and Pipes

Gas Supply


New Installation

Pipe Protection

Pipework Sizing

Chimney and Flue


Flue Construction

Flue Inspection and Testing

Flue Terminals

Flue Types


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Combustion Process

Natural Gas

Portable Combustion Gas Flue Analysers


Components and Safety Devices

Gas Fittings

  • Auto Flare Adaptor (22x3/4~£10)- designed to form a leak tight seal on the stainless piping as you tighten the fitting
    Auto Flare adaptor
  • Bayonet Socket Gas Fitting (½"~£4) - for gas cooker connection
    Bayonet Socket Gas Fitting
    • Use LDF to ensure that the self-sealing connector is off
    • The valve body should be secured to the wall
    • Bayonet fitting should face down
    • Flexible hose should hang down in a 'U' shape
      • Should not be in contact with floor
  • Micro Point Socket Gas Fitting (½"~£4) - allows a neat finish to the ends of a gas carcass
    Micro Point Socket Gas Fitting
  • Gas Fire Restrictor Elbow (£12)
    • Ensure the top cap and washer are secure
    • Has manual screw-in isolation valve
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Pliable Corrugated Tubing (PCT)

  • Previously referred to as Corrugated Stainless Tube (CSST)
  • Manufactured to BS7838 or BS EN 15266
  • High quality alternative to more traditional copper pipework
  • The industry standards covering the installation of PCT:
    • BS6891
    • IGEM/UP/2 Edition 2
    • BS5482-1
    • PD5482-3
  • Has to be sleeved separately when passing through walls


  • Pipe fittings are manufactured to comply with BS7838
  • Although similar in appearance to typical compression fittings, these fittings are not compression
  • All joints need to remain accessible

Unventilated ducts or voids

  • Pipework must not be installed in an unventilated duct or void
  • If installed the pipe should be sleeved continuously with sleeve ventilated at a safe place
  • Or the unventilated duct or void shall be filled with a crashed inert infill which suppose to be fire resistant and chemically neutral
  • The factory applied coating shall not be considered as purpose-provided sleeving


  • Used to convey all types of gas up to 75mbar
  • Provides reduction in the number of fittings
  • Damaged cover must be replaced with Silicone tape (25mm wide)
  • BS6891/BS5482 - pipe sizing table
  • Maximum pipe supports
    • 15mm
      • 2m - vertical
      • 1.5 - horizontal
    • Larger sizes
      • 2.5m - vertical
      • 2m - horizontal
  • Fittings should not be buried in the structure, below ground or within a sealed section
  • Striker Plate - protection where passes through structures
  • Do not install in the openings of all-fuel fireplaces
  • Wrap with yellow silicon tape after tightness test
    • Cover half the with of hexagon
  • 500mm - maximum to the first pipe support when connected to a fixed appliance
  • Equivalent length
    • Elbow - 0.3m
    • Tee - 0.5m
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