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Central Heating

Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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Heat Emitters

Heat Loss Calculation

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Heat Emitters

Heat Loss Calculation

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Heat Loss through Ventilation

  • Air Change (W) = 0.33 x Cubic content of the room (m3) x  Temperature rise (ºC) x Number of air changes (1/h)
Heat Loss through Building Fabric
  • Building Fabric (W) = Area (m2) x U-value (W/m2) x Temperature rise (ºC)
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Room Temperature and Ventilation Rates

(BS5449-Section 3 1990)

Room Temperature °C Air changes (1/h)   Area U-value W/m2
Living 21 1.5 Floor 0.36
Dining 21 1.5 External wall 1.0
Bed/sitting 21 1.5 Internal wall 1.9
Bedroom 18 1.0 Window 2.9
Hall/landing 18 1.5 Roof 0.34
Bathroom 22 3.0    
Toilet 18 3.0    
Kitchen 18 2.0    
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U-values of Building Fabric

Construction W/m2/°C Construction W/m2/°C
External solid wall 2.0 Ground floor - solid 0.45
External cavity wall 1.0 Ground floor - wood 0.62
External cavity wall (filled) 0.5 Intermediate floor - heat flow up 1.7
External timber wall 0.6 Intermediate floor - heat flow down 1.5
Internal wall 2.2 Flat roof 1.5
Window - single glazed 5.7 Pitched roof (100mm insulation) 0.34
Window - double glazed 3.0 Pitched roof (no insulation) 2.2
Internal wall - solid block 2.1    
  • All calculations are made for -1°C outside temperature
  • Intermittent firing = 15%
  • Number of air changes required in rooms with solid-fuel open fires increase greatly
  • 10°C - temperature difference for semi-detached houses
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