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Environmental Awareness

Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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Energy Saving

Hot Water

Pipe Sizing

Hot water pipework should be designed in a way that:

  • the required flow should arrive to the outlet at MIN 50°C within 30sec
  • Dead Legs Reduction:
    • lagging pipes;
    • secondary return;
    • time switch on secondary return pump;
    • trace heating
  • all pipes within 1m from the a hot water cylinder should be insulated
  • secondary return arrangement should be used if a hot water pipe length to the furthest appliance exceeds MAX length of un-insulated hot water pipes [Water Regulations]:
    • 12mm pipe - 20m
    • ≤ 22mm - 12m
    • ≤ 28mm - 8m
    • > 28mm - 3m
  • All electrically heated appliances (a water cylinder, a thermal-stores inc. Pulsacoil untit which use immersion heaters) - should be adequately sized and connected to Economy 7 electrical supply for the bottom immersion heater. 
  • All new heating and hot water system installations MUST be fully pumped
  • No Gravity systems are allowed any more for energy saving purposes
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