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Gas Appliances

Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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Water Heaters



  • Installation requirements are covered in BS 5546
  • A flueless water heater MUST only supply an appliance in the same room
  • All instantaneous water heaters shall either be room-sealed or have an ASD
  • Only room-sealed appliances allowed in bathrooms/shower rooms

  • In rooms used for sleeping:
    • MUST be room-sealed if grater than 14kW
    • If less than 14kW - can be open flued with safety cut-off
    • If is MAX 12kW gross - can be flueless with safety cut-off
    • Rooms less than 20m3 must have a room-sealed appliance

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Gas Cooker Types

  • free-standing
  • slide-in
  • built-in
  • low-level grill/oven
  • eye-level grill/oven
  • hob, with/without fold-down lid
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Gas Cooker Parts

  • Pre-aerated Burner
    Pre-aerated Burner
  • Data Plate Information
    • Type of gas (natural/LPG)
    • Working pressure (usually 20 mbar)
    • Heat input (kW)
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Clearance Requirements

  • MUST NOT be installed in a bathroom or shower room
  • MUST NOT be installed in a bedsitting room of less than 20m3 (unless it is a single burner)
  • Cookers for use on LPG MUST NOT be installed in below ground level
  • Ventilation requirements must comply with BS 5440
    • Openable window only
  • Gas cooker clearance requirements:
    • sides - 50mm
    • top - 760mm
      Gas cooker clearance requirements
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Gas Supply

  • Fixed appliances - rigid pipe work and an isolating valve
  • Slide-in appliances - flexible appliance connector with self-sealing plug-in device
    flexible appliance connector
    • MUST be fitted with a stability device (stability shain)firmly secured to the wall or floor
      Gas cookers
  • Bayonet fitting should be secure to wall fitting
    Bayonet fitting
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Electrical Supply

  • no more than 1.5m from the appliance
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