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Domestic Hot Water

Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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Hot Water Systems

Instantaneous Water Heaters

Locolised Water Heaters

  • Single Point
    • uses electricity or gas
    • Sited directly above the appliance
    • Usually inlet controlled
    • Swivel Spout - delivers water
  • Instantaneous Electric Showers
    • advisable power is MIN 9kW
    • Connected directly to the mains
    • Wired directly from the Consumer Unit
    • Flow Governor - handles variations in mains pressure
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Centralised Water Heaters

The temperature of the water is inversely proportionate to the flow rate

  • Multipoint Water Heater
    double multipoint water heater
    • no electrical controls
    • Gas Burner situated below a Heat Exchanger
    • Gas Valve opened by Pressure Differential Valve when water flow occurs
  • Thermal Stores
    • Water Jacketed Heaters
  • Combined Primary Storage Unit CPCUs
    • the same as the Thermal Store
    • All compnents are contained within the boiler
    • Hot Water Storage Vessel is required
  • Combination Boilers
    • combination of a multipoint and a sealed central heating system
    • Diverter Valve gives priority to the Hot Water
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