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Domestic Hot Water

Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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General Checks

Vented System Maintenance Requirements

Component Interval Procedure
Vented Hot Water System 12 months General inspection
Control valves 12 months close tightly; operate smoothly; clearly labelled; customer is aware of isolation valves
Storage cisterns 6 months clean out; lid is squarely fixed; signs of stagnation; cistern base is sound; blockage and correct fall of the overflow pipe; insulation is intact
Float operated valve 6 months operation and shut off; correct water level; re-washer or replace
Terminal fittings 6 to 12 months rewasher, reset or renew; tighten packing glands; spindles for wear; clean spray heads on taps
Pipework 12 months signs of leakage or corrosion; tighten loose fittings; replace vulnerable sections
Thermostat 6 months boiler/cylinder/immersion heater thermostat/cut outs are working to specification; cylinder and terminal temperature conforms to regulations
Earthing and bonding At time of other inspection is intact; get electrician to check if in doubt
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  • Pipework and corrosion – 12 month
  • Most valves and gauges – 6 month
  • Checking the Gate Valve Gland on the cold feed to HWSC
  • Commissioning instructions – referred to a component is working as intended
  • Banging noise at working temperature – air in a HW pipe
  • Creaking noise from below the floor – movement of tight fit HW pipes
  • Lukewarm water from cold tap – HW and CW pipes run close together and not insulated
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