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Plumbing Processes

Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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Plumbing Materials


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  • Copper
    • Table W R220 – for underground, micro bore, coils
    • Table X R250 – NO underground, for domestic plumbing, bend by spring or machine, available in chrome
    • Table Y R250/220 – for underground with protection, plastic coating might be
    • Table Z R290 – No Bending, for long straight pipe run
    • The coefficient of expansion of copper is 16.8x10-6 m/ºC (10 metre increase by over 1cm when its temperature increases by 60°C)

  • Steel
    • Low carbon steel – must be galvanized (coated with Zinc) when carrying water
      • Light – brown
      • Medium – blue
      • Heavy - red
    • Stainless steel

  • Alloying metals enhances its properties:
    • Brass – copper + zinc
      • Acid water can cause the Zinc to dissolve and the joint to fail
      • Use Gunmetal or DR metal instead
    • Bronze – copper +tin
    • Solder – tin + lead/ silver
    • Gunmetal – copper + tin + zinc
    • Copper – BS EN 1057
    • Galvanic action - is the electrolytic corrosion of dissimilar metals in a dump or wet environment
      • Cathodic protection - against galvanic action
      • Sacrificial anode can be put inside hot-water vessel

  • Forms of stress:
    • expansion of the pipe
    • movement of the wall
    • pipe should be sleeved or ducted when passing through the wall

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