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Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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Sanitary Regulations



  • Building Regs Approved Documents
    • Part B 2006 - Fire Safety. Preventing the spread of fire through service shafts for waste pipework in a dwelling
    • Part E 2003 - Resistance to the Passage of Sound. Reducing the noise made by waste water discharging through brunch discharge pipework.
    • Part F 2006 - Ventilation. Determining the size of extractor fan required for a shower room
    • Part G 2010 - Sanitation, Hot Water Safety and Water Efficiency. Discharge of water from a faulty unvented hot water storage system
    • Part H 2002 - Drainage and Waste Disposal.
      • MIN trap-seal size and depths
      • Gradient at which to run a brunch discharge pipe to a single stack
    • Part M - Access. Sanitary accommodation requirements for disabled access.
  • BS 8000 - Workmanship - Part13: Code of Practice for above ground drainage and sanitary appliances
  • BS EN 12056 – Sanitary pipework layout, waste pipework system design and connections, pipework ventilation and waste trap seals
    • Designing the pipework layout for a rainwater discharge system for large buildings
    • WCs with major flush volumes as low as 4l
    • Part2 – Sanitary pipework layout and calculations
    • Part3 - Roof drainage layout and calculations
  • BS EN 60335 - Specification for Safety of household and similar electrical appliances
    • Standards required for a new maceration to be installed on WC
  • BS 6465 - Sanitary installations. Code of practice for the design of sanitary facilities and scales of provision of sanitary and associated appliances
    • Determining the position of bowl urinals to be installed in the toilets for a pub
  • BS 7671 - Requirements for electrical installations
    • Wiring up a new sink macerator
  • BS EN 752 - Drain and sewer systems outside buildings
    • Determining the pipe diameter required for a foul water drain from a dwelling
  • BS 1125 - Specification for WC flushing cisterns
    • To check size and type of WC to install in a private dwelling
  • BS 1876 - Specification for automatic flushing cisterns for urinals
    • Installing a flushing system of public toilets in a shopping mall
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Additional Documents for Above Ground Discharge Systems

  • Water Regulations 1999 covers the prevention of contamination and undue consumption
  • BS 8301:1985 - Code of practice for building drainage
    • gives pipe size for different flow rates
  • BS 5572:1994 - Code of practice for sanitary pipework
    • installation of sanitary pipework
  • British Board of Agreement – tests and approves materials for use in the construction industry
  • BS 6367:1983 - drainage for roofs and paved areas
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