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Room Thermostats

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Honeywell Y6630D Room Thermostat Wireless

The Y6630D is a battery powered wireless room thermostat and mains powered HC60NG receiver box, pre-bound to give intelligent room temperature control of a single zone. It can be used in conjunction with the Sundial Y or S plan or as a stand alone device for room temperature control of a combi boiler system.

  • Ideal for combi boilers
  • Battery powered temperature control and mains powered receiver box
  • Use with sundial Y or S plans
  • Traditional thermostat dial

 PDF - Honeywell Y6630D Room Thermostat Wireless - Installation instructions


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  • consists of a receiver and transmitter
  • requires 2 AA batteries to feed a transmitter
    • typical battery life is 2 years
  •  Temp. range: 5°-30°C
  • 30m straight line transmitter range
  • needs 4 wires to wire up: 240V live, neutral, common, switch-live
  • TRV is not necessary within the same room as the room thermostat
  • a wireless thermostat is far easier to install and offers more flexibility
  • We recommend Danfoss RX1
  • Mechanical thermostat:
    • works much like a normal mercury based thermometer
    • can often maintain temperatures that are often 1°C higher than the set-point, which can inadvertently use up to 10% more energy
    • slower to respond to temperature changes
  • Programmable room thermostats:
    • allows different temperatures to be set for different periods throughout the day, night or even week
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