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Gas Appliances

Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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Gas Fires



    1. Ventilation
    2. Flue
    3. Operation
    4. Gas tightness test
    5. Remove the fire
    6. Remove closer plate
    7. Clean behind
    8. Flue-flow test
    9. Reseal the closure plate
    10. Clean dust and lint
    11. Burner and the injectors
    12. Heat exchanger
    13. Clean the flue ways
    14. Electrical components
    15. Burner pressure
    16. Gas rate
    17. Flame-supervision device
    18. User controls
    19. Spillage test
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  • Isolate gas/electricity/water supplies to appliances
  • Remove outer casing to access burner
  • Remove burner and control assembly
  • Remove burner injector and blow clean
  • Take out pilot/thermocouple/ignition assembly and clean
  • Clean main burner and lint arrestor
  • Take flue cover off and clean flue ways
  • Clean heat exchanger
  • Remove all debris from combustion chamber
  • Check condition of all components and replace if necessary
  • Reassemble the components, checking any gas connections
  • Ensure all appliances seals are OK
  • Do not forget to do a tightness test before and after the service
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  • Re-light water heater
  • Check burner pressure as stated on data plate
  • Check gas rate
  • Check operation of flue
  • Check air-pressure switch (fan flued)
  • Check controls and safety device are working properly
  • Check ASD where fitted
  • Report back to user with manufacturers instructions
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