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Cold Water

Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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Hose Union Bib Tap

Hose Union Bib Tap

  • for outside use
  • must have a Double Check Valve inside the property
  • should have Service Valve upstream the Check Valve
  • pipes passing through an external wall should be sleaved with seal at both ends
  • outside pipework should be insulated and kept to a minimum
  • connected via Tap Connector
    Tap Connector replacement, installation

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Pillar Tap

  • connected via End Feed Tap Connector (15mmx1/2" ~ £1.4)
    End Feed Tap Connector
  • Circlip Pliers (~£2) – to repair a valve with non-rising spindle
    circlip pliers

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Mixer Taps

  • Installaed on appliances for mixing of hot and cold water
  • Single-flow Tap – mixing inside the tap
    • Single Check Valve must be fitted on both hot and cold supply pipes as close as possiable to the mixer tap
    • Hot and cold should come at equal pressure to prevent crossflow
  • Twinflow Tap – mixes water at the outlet (prevents water mexing within the tap body)

Non-concussive Tap
  • industrial buildings
Ceramic Discs Tap
  • better performance with balanced pressure at outlets
  • usage: care homes; hospitals
Tap Connector
Tap connector

  • 22mm X 3/4" Compression Bent ~£4
  • used to connect a Pillar Taps
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