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Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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Sanitary Pipework


Soundness Test

  • Plug all open ends with Drain Plugs
  • Fill all traps with water
  • Attach water gauge manometer and pump up to 38mm
    Air Test
  • Leave to stand for 3min
  • No drop is permitted
  • If there is a drop - check all joints with Leak Detection Spray

  • The Water Test is carried out on sanitary appliances is up to flood level of lowest appliance
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Performance Test

  • Check that trap seals are retained after use
  • Test for self siphonage or induced siphonage
  • Fill all appliances to level of overflow and then remove plugs
  • Test depth of trap seal with dipstick (painted matt black)
  • Trap seal remaining MUST be at least 25mm
  • Effective Trap Seal Depth - from the soffit to the invert of the trap outlet
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Siphonage Test

  • Self Siphonage - discharge pipe is too small
  • Induced Siphonage - suck water out of the second trap
  • Momentum - trap seal as water is carried away by water flowing at high speed
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