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Electrical Supply and Earth Continuity

Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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Electrical Circuits


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Electrical tests

Testing Equipment

Types of Electrical Tests

Central Heating Wiring Diagrams

Central Heating Diagrams

Electrical Current

Types of Electrical Systems


Fuse Types

Safety Requirements

Wires and Cables

Cable Protection

Cable Sizing

Cable Types

Electrical Circuits

Electrical Bathroom Zones

Electrical Components

Electrical Fittings

Switches and Sockets


Earth Bonding

Earth Bonding

Types of Wiring

  • Series
  • Parallel


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Ring Main Circuit

  • must be kept separate with lighting circuit
  • 100m2 – MAX floor area for Ring Main
  • Spur – radial extensions of a Ring Main
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Radial Circuits

  • Lighting Circuit
  • power shower
  • immersion heater
  • oven
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Central Heating Circuits

  • takes only a low current and protects by 6A MCB
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