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Cold Water

Exam revision materials for Plumbing Level 2&3 and ACS Gas Safety test

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Float-operated Valves

  • BS 1212 (50" MAX size)
  • Part 1 (Portsmouth) NOT suitable for WC cisterns
  • Part 2(~£8)- diaphragm type, brass
    Float-operated Valve part 2
  • Part 3 (~£7) diaphragm type, plastic
    Float-operated Valve part 3
  • Part 4 (Torbeck) used in WC (Equilibrium)

  • 4 ½’’ Ball Valve (~£3) with 15mm valve
  • Backplate - fixed at the point of connection of FOV
    • can fix a hammering noise
  • Tank Connector (15mm ~ £1.63) - used to make connection to FOV
    Float-operated Valve part 3
  • High and Low-pressure type (different size of the orifice)
  • Delayed Action Float-operated Valve - essential with hydropneumatic pumped system as it is reducing a number pump's stop/start

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Stop Valve

Stop Valve  BS 1010
  • BS 1010
  • Used for shutting off the flow of water in a pipe
  • For higher pressure applications
  • PREFERED position 150mm above the floor level

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Gate Valve

Gate Valve  BS 5154
  • BS 5154
  • Used for distributing pipes and as the main stop cock
  • Flanged Gate Valve (2"~ £110)
    Flanged Gate Valve
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Plug Valves

  • Spherical Plug Valve (22mm~£3; BS 6675) - Used before single outlet
    Spherical Plug Valve BS 6675
    • Lever-operated pattern
    • Screwdriver-operated pattern
  • Plug Valve  for above and below ground use (25mm~£36; BS 2580)
    Plug Valve bs 2580

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Drain Valve

Drain valve replacement installation
  • BS 2879-2
  • Screwdown Type is only allowed by Water Regulations
  • 150mm from the floor on a rising main
  • Replacement of "O"-ring Packing Gland

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Check Valves

  • Single Check Valve
    Single Check Valve replacement, installation
    • BS 6282
    • prior to water softener; unvented heating systems; sprinkler system supply; downstream of meters, PRVs
    • Disc and Flap types - for low pressure
    • Spring-assisted Recoil Valve - for high pressure
  • Double Check Valve
    Double Check Valve replacement, installation
    • hose tap; standpipes; Portsmouth; shower fitting
  • Shower Check Valve – unconstrained shower hose

  • Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Reduced Pressure Zone Valve RPZ
    Reduced Pressure Zone Valve RPZ replacement installation
    • the lowest relief outlet SHOULD terminate with AA air gap, MIN 300mm above the ground level
    • MUST only be installed by a competent person, completed the special course
    • MUST be tested every year with a special test equipment
    • Signed Certificate of Competence MUST be sent to the customer and a copy to the Water Undertaker
    • SHOULD be provided with a drain pipe via a Tundish
    • MUST be away from any electrics
    • Fix Single Check Valve if flactuation occurs

  • Pressure Flushing Valve - is not allowed to be installed in a domestic residential dwelling
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