• Areas of legislation:
    • Construction Design and Management Regulations reed more
    • Building Regulations
      • A - structure
      • B -Fire Safety
        • Dwellings
        • Other than Dwelling
      • C - Site preparation
      • D - Toxic substances
      • E - Resistance to passage of sound
      • F - Ventilation
      • G - Sanitation, Hot Water Safety and Water Efficiency
      • H - Drain and waste disposal
      • J - Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems
        • installation of heat producing appliances
      • K - Protection from falling collision and impact
      • L - Conservation of fuel and power:
        • 1A - New Dwellings
        • 1B - Existing Dwellings
        • 2A - New Other then dwellings
        • 2B - Existing Other then dwellings
      • M - Access to and use of buildings
      • N - Glazing
      • P - Electrical safety
    • Water Regulations
      WRAS - logo
      • reduce the potential risk of water contamination
    • BS 8000 - gives the level and quality of workmanship on site

  • Employment
    • Employment Rights Act 2008
      • covers employee's rights if the employment is terminated
    • Disability Discrimination Act 2005
    • The Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR)
    • Written Statement of Employment
      • you should receive within 2 month from start working
      • MUST include your pay rate and when you will be paid
      • outlines a disciplinary procedure of a company
    • SSP - Statutory Sick Pay (£81.60 a week)
      • when you are sick for at least 4 days in row
    • Notice of Termination of Employment
      • at least one week's notice after one month's employment
      • two weeks after two years
      • three weeks after three years and so on up to 12 weeks after 12 years or more
    • Paternity Leave
      • the current weekly rate is £128.73
      • you can take up to 26 weeks' additional paternity leave in the first year
    • Business insurance is usually divided into three fields: 
      • Employers Liability
      • Property and buildings
      • Business assets and equipment (contents cover)
    • Holiday Rights
      • you are entitled to a minimum of 3.6 weeks paid annual leave (28 days for someone working five days a week)
      • you start building up holiday as soon as you start work
    • Data Protection Act
      • prevents the misuse of personal information

Plumbing Industry Organisations

  • Summit Skills
    SummitSkills Logo
    • created by Building Services Industry employers
    • the Sector Skills Council for Building Services Engineering BSE
    • training and development needs of the sector
    • develops the National Standards for plumbing qualifications

  • JTL
    JTL icon
    • training provider of Apprenticeship Services

  • Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering CIPHE
    CIPHE logo
    • Professional Body for plumbers-individuals
    • registered charity aiming to improve:
      • science of plumbing
      • practice and engineering principles
    • recognise the professional status of operatives

  • Joint Industry Board for Plumbing and Mechanical Engineering Services JIB for PMES
    Jib logo
    • the Registration Body for the Plumbing Industry
    • operates H&S CSCS scheme
    • sets terms and conditions of employment (pay scales)
    • resolves employees and employers disputes

  • Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors APHC
    APHC logo
    • Trade Association in plumbing companies
    • the main Plumbing Industry Body

  • Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitrary Services ACAS
    ACAS logo
    • provides important advice about conflicts in employment

  • Construction Industry Training Board CITB
    • encourages the adequate training of those employed or intending to be employed in the construction industry
    • part of CSCS

  • Unite
    UNITE logo
    Britain's biggest union with 1.5 million members in every type of workplace

  • National Occupational Standards - gives a statement of competence for a given occupation
    reed more
  • Trading Standads Institute - produces legislation covering the sale of goods and services between a plumbing businesses and its customers
    reed more

Plans, Drawings, Documents


Plan Drawings - show a representation of a building as seen from above (aerial view)

Elevation Drawings
  • show representation of a building as seen face on, standing at ground level
  • can be used to calculate required length for vertical pipework

Invoice - request for payment

Receipt - acknowledgement of payment

Estimate - price agreement prior to commencement of work

Quotation - exact cost of doing job

Delivery Note - given by a supplier after delivery

Bill of Quantities - list of components and materials required to complete a project

Schedule of Work (Work Program)
  • specifies itemised or detailed steps of the job
  • showing the job broken down into separate stages
  • specifies the order in which different contractors are schedualed to carry out their work
Maintenance Records and Service Schedules
  • what work is carried out each inspection
  • list of components being served
  • date of the inspection
  • the name of the engineer
  • the address of the the buildings owner
Variation Order
  • change to the original contract
  • without this, payement for the additional work may not be received

  • Job Specification - information on the types of fittings, appliances and materials
  • Remittance Advice - confirms that the invoice has been paid

  • Customer Service Policy
    • staff development statement

Plans & Drawings

  • Sizes
    • 1:1 - Full Sized Drawing
    • 1:5 or 1:10 - Detail Drawing (scale drawing)
      • position of sanitary appliances
    • 1:50, 1:100 or 1:200 - Site Plans
    • 1:1250 o 1:2500 - Block Plans
  • Service Layout Plans Plumbing pictures - route of cables, waste and other services
  • Block Plans Plumbing pictures - outline of building in relation to a town plan
  • Site Plans Plumbing pictures - setting out points, means of access, general layout of the site and principle runs of drains and sewers
  • Building Plans Plumbing pictures - sizes of rooms, floor areas, walls, doorways, stairs and other structural details
  • General Location Plans Plumbing pictures - position of appliances, the layout of rooms and component assembly details
  • Component Drawings Plumbing pictures - sizes, reference numbers and performance data. Information to install components and show their parts details
  • Manufacturers' Catalogs - sizes and space required for the installation of appliances

Construction Team Hierarchy

  • The Customer (Individual; Public Company; Government Dept.; Association; Partnership; Local Authority etc.)
    • Financing
    • Employs directly or indirectly the rest of the team
  • The Architect
    • Architect Registration Council
    • appointed by the client and interprets his requirements
    • create plans and drawings for the building
    • supervises all aspects of work
  • Quantity Surveyor
    • clients building economic consultant
    • measures quantity material and labour required into 'Bill of Quantities'
  • Clerk of Works
    • on site representative of architect/client
    • inspects standard of workmanship, quality of materials and work
    • work is carried out to the specification laid down by architect
    • orders materials
    • confirms variations or amendments to a contract
    • may be present all the time on a large site
  • Specialist Engineers (Civil, Structural, Building Services)
    • assist architect in design within specialist fields
    • prepare drawings and calculations for specialist contractors
  • Subcontractors
    • engaged by main contractor to carry out specific part of work
    • may quote for extra work (Variation Order is issued to cover the cost)

  • Inspectors
    • Health&Safety Inspector
      • employed by Health and Safety Executive
      • checks implementation of Health&Safety Legislations
      • issues Improvement Notice or Prohibition Notice
      • can prosecute, resulting in unlimited fines/imprisonment
    • Building Control Officer
      • employed by local authority
      • check adherence to Building Regulations and Planning Legislation
    • Water Authority Inspector
      • right to enter a site to inspect

  • Additional members
    • Procurement Officer - buyer
      • obtain quotations from the suppliers
    • Planning Officer - analyses planning applications with regard to town development plans, government policies and planning legislations
    • Planning Supervisor - monitors building design for safe construction and maintenance
    • Site Manager
      • appointed by main contractor to manage on-site work and H&S
      • coordinates the work of all the different craft trades
      • arranges supplies of material and equipment
      • makes reports to builders and architect
    • Site Foreman - responsible for all the supervisors and operatives on a day to day basis
    • Plumbing Company's Reps - prepares interim invoices for stage payments
    • Supervisors - in charge of craft trade, trainees and apprentices
    • Craft Operatives, Trainees/Apprentices
    • Estimator
      • similar to the role of Quantity Surveyor
      • calculates final figure for the estimated cost and presents tender price

Limited Companies

  • Private Limited Company
    • have a Board of Directors
    • Managing Director is responsible for Health & Safety and Welfare of workforce
  • Public Limited Company
    • has shareholders and is valued on the stock exchange
  • MUST have at least one Director and a company Secretary
  • liability is limited to the value of the company assets
  • ultimate responsibility for H&S lies with the managing director