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 Vaillant boiler installation in Hammersmith, Accredited veillant boiler installers in Chiswick, Accredited vaillant boiler installers in West London

Accredited Vaillant Installers Since November 2011

Our more than 10 years experienced plumbers and gas engineers in Hammersmith, Chiswick and Wes London every year attend Vaillant training course to keep up with the latest heating industry technologies, controls and products.

Upperplumbers choose Vaillant for the forefront of technology development in the heating industry and has built a leading reputation for quality, design and innovation across UK. Vaillant's Intelligent Service is a premium after sales care package which allows you to control your boiler and heating system controls via the internet.

At the click of a mouse, you can remotely control your boiler and heating systems controls via the internet, adjusting the system to suit your needs and to maximise energy savings. Imagine, on those cold winter nights you can turn up the heat and come home to a cosy and comfortable house. Intelligent service will notify Vaillant, in the unlikely event of a fault occurring with your boiler. The system automatically sends a message to Vaillant engineers and they will check your boiler via the internet. If necessary they will call you to arrange for a service engineer to visit if Vaillant cannot solve the problem remotely.

Vaillant Boilers - The Choise of Our Gas Engineers

Vaillant SEDBUK 'A' rated boilers in the ecoTEC range operate with an annual average efficiency of over 90%. Typically, older types of conventional boilers only achieve efficiencies of 56%. That means your condensing boiler will use 35% less energy to deliver heating and hot water to your home.

This is how a condensing boiler can save as much as 35p in every £1 you spend on energy. This can amount to a saving of over £240 on your annual home heating bill.

How do they work?

High efficiency or condensing boilers (they are the same thing) have a heat exchanger that uses heat in the flue gasses to pre-heat the water. (They are called condensing boilers because most of the heat recovered comes from condensing water vapor in the flue gasses.) The condensed water is drained away and much less energy is required to raise the temperature of the preheated circulating water to the desired level.

Good Price for a New Vaillant Boiler

Our plumbers, gas and heating engineers install 90% of Vaillant boilers in Hammersmith, Chiswick and West London. Upperplumbers have a deal with local plumbing merchants.

The agreement we have gives us a quite big discount on Vaillant products and other plumbing and gas materials thus a quote for our customers will be much cheaper. Also Vaillant runs Boiler offers where you can get a Boiler for a very low price and pay much less for the instllation in total.

Durable Boiler - Cheap Boiler

Vaillant gives up to 5 years guarantee on their boilers which means that after the boiler was installed in you property by accredited installer according to the current UK regulations and the heating system was Power Flushed you won't need to pay a penny for 5 years for any boiler repair work. From experience of our plumbers and gas engineers Vaillant boiler will last for 10 years and you will eventually save £4,000 on servicing.