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Gas and Plumbing Pages

Plumbing, Electric and Lead Weathering theory and exam revision materials. ACS gas safety exam revision

plumbing principles theory and information

Science of plumbing and an introduction to the basic materials, theories and concepts

Standards and Regulations • materials and their properties • units and measurement • capillary action and siphonage • principles of electricity

plumbing processes theory and information

Covers areas that are 'general' or common
to all the systems

Using hand tools • cutting • using power tools • bending • measuring • jointing and marking out • fixing

cold water theory and information

Requirements of the Water Supply (water fittings) Regulations 1999

Water fittings • design • preventing of cross connection • backflow prevention • cold-water services• legislation


Hot Water Plumbing Systems

Domestic hot water use • sizing hot water demands • heater & storage sizing • choosing the type of hot water system

Central Heating theory and information

Old and Modern Central Heating Systems

Specifications • controls • design • heatloss calculation • radiator sizing


Electrical Installations and Basic Domestic Wiring

Fuses • bonding • cables • central heating wiring • testing • electrical systems

Lead Weathering theory and information

Introduction into Practical Lead Weathering

Welding • flashings • abutments • cladding • bossing • slates • patination oil

Sanitation theory and information

Waste Pipes Installation and Sanitary Systems Explanation

Waste • traps • guttering • main stack • toilets • sinks • wash basins • baths • stub stack

Unvented cylinders theory and information

Safety Requirements when Inastalling Unvented Hot Water Systems

Expansion vessel • tundish • immersion heater • temperature and pressure relief valve • pressure reducing valve

Plumbing and gas maintenance theory and information

Practical Experience and Tips for Plumbing and Gas Maintenance Works

Plumbing • gas • central heating wiring • boilers • toilets • hot water cylinders • water tanks • central heating

Working Relationships theory and information

Effective Working Relationships in Plumbing Industry

Plumbing organisations • plans • documents • constraction team • limited companies

Environmental Awareness theory and information

Methods of Economical of Materials and Resources

Enforcment bodies • energy efficiency • minimum energy controls requirements

Gas safety and supply theory and information

Gas Safety and Supply for Domestic Properties

Gas Regs • pipework • controls • meters • testing • unsafe situations • combustion • flues • ventilation • gas rate

Gas appliances theory and information

Gas Appliances Installation, Commissioning and Service

Boilers • cookers • space heaters • gas hobs • water heaters • gas fires

Bungalow project for plumbing level 3

Bungalow Project for plumbing Level 3

Pipe sizing • contract • water services design • heating system design • schedual of work