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Gas and Plumbing Services

What we do: plumbing • gas installation • powerflush • central heating system repair • gas safety inspections • waste disposal units • toilet repairs • boiler works and much more


We do most of the domestic plumbing and gas work in Hammersmith, Chiswick and West London. If you have any queries regarding our services please call us on 07898 737 837.
Annual Boiler Service_boiler_installation

Annual Boiler Service £90+VAT Annual boiler service is necessary for a safe boiler operation and for extending the manufacturer's guarantee. The standard boiler service will include cleaning the burner and combustion chamber, cleaning the condensation trap, recharging the expansion vessel with air, replacing a boiler seal if necessary, adjusting a gas valve burner pressure or CO/CO2 ratio, inspecting boiler for faulty or weary components.

Gas safety inspection_boiler_installation

Gas safety inspection £70+VAT Gas safety inspection has to be carried out in any rented accommodation in the UK once a year. It is a law. It is also a landlord's responsibility to arrange the inspection with a gas safe registered engineer. If a landlord is gas safe registered engineer himself he is not allowed to carry out the inspection in his properties.

PulsaCoil Repair_boiler_installation

PulsaCoil Repair £120 inc.VAT If you have intermittent hot water from your thermal store or you don't have any hot water at all then our qualified engineers can diagnose a fault and repair PulsaCoil unit using only original parts. You will also get 1 year guarantee on parts and labour.

Shower Repairs_boiler_installation

Shower Repairs £108 inc.VAT We can identify and repair any thermostatic or manual shower valve, bath filler, basin tap or kitchen tap. You will get 1 year guarantee on a spare part we replace. We only use original spare parts from the manufacturer. Our plumbing engineers also install concealed and exposed showers and a whole shower room.

Boiler repair_boiler_installation

Boiler repair £108 inc.VAT Our engineers are licensed and competent to carry out a repair of any domestic boiler breakdown. We will give you a fixed transparent price and guarantee on labour and spare parts we fitted. After a boiler repair an engineer will check the boiler for safe operation. Follow the link to read more about our boiler repair service.


Magnaclean £170+vat (£70+vat when replacing a boiler)
Any fresh water inside a central heating system will cause corrosion of radiators from inside. This will cause a sludge formation and eventually can block some radiators or even a boiler's heat exchanger.
A Magnaclean will collect all the sludge which has passed through it and it can considerably prolong the system's life.


Powerflush £500+vat (£300+vat when replacing a boiler for up to 10 radiators or £30+vat for each additional radiator)
Its necessary to carry out to validate a boiler manufacturer's guarantee if the central heating system is not clean and can block the boiler's heat exchanger.
To check, touch your radiators at the bottom and at the top. If you can feel a big difference in temperature (bottom is cold) then the radiator is full of sludge and the system need a powerflush.

Lime-scale Reducer_boiler_installation

Lime-scale Reducer £120 inc.VAT Water in the UK is hard and when it heats up the lime-scale start forming which could be dangerous for a boiler's plate heat exchanger and any brass-ware in your bathroom or kitchen.
The lime-scale reducer is a magnet which prevents particles from sticking together and forming a lime-scale. A reducer like this can last up to 3 years.

Thermostatic radiator valves_boiler_installation

Thermostatic radiator valves £120 inc.VAT (£36 inc.VAT with boiler replacement)
Current British Regulations require to replace regular radiator valves with Thermostatic Radiator Valves TRV when replacing a boiler. Radiator valves in all bedrooms have to be Thermostatic type to save energy.
Please note that there is have to be at least one radiator with a regular type valve for boiler overheat protection.

Megaflo Unvented Cylinder Maintenance_boiler_installation

Megaflo Unvented Cylinder Maintenance £84 inc.VAT Megaflo unvented cylinders accredited and certified specialists. Annual service of your unvented cylinder is necessary to prevent water discharge from the cylinder due to increased pressure after a year of safe operation. The cylinder's expansion vessel or a "Bubble top" air charge slowly eliminates during the year of operation and as a result there is no room for expanded hot water to go apart from only safety valves to a drain. Servicing will recharge the air pressure bringing the cylinder back to a normal operation.