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Gas and Plumbing Tests

Free online exam revision tests for Plumbing Level 2 and 3.
ACS Gas Safe mock exam.

'Plumbing Principles' online test

Plumbing Principles online test

Standards and Regulations • materials and their properties • units and measurement • capillary action and siphonage • principles of electricity

'Plumbing Processes' online test

Plumbing Processes online test

Using hand tools • cutting • using power tools • bending • measuring • jointing and marking out • fixing

'Cold Water' online test

Cold Water online test

Water fittings • design • preventing of cross connection • backflow prevention • cold-water services• legislation

'Central Heating' online test

Central Heating online test

Specifications • controls • design • heatloss calculation • radiator sizing

'Electrical Supply and Earth Continuity' online test

Electrics and Wiring online test

Fuses • bonding • cables • central heating wiring • testing • electrical systems

'Gas Appliances' online test

ACS Gas Appliances online test

Boilers • cookers • space heaters • gas hobs • water heaters • gas fires

'Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems' online test

Unvented HWSS online test

Expansion vessel • tundish • immersion heater • temperature and pressure relief valve • pressure reducing valve

'Domestic Hot Water' online test

Hot Water online test

Domestic hot water use • sizing hot water demands • heater & storage sizing • choosing the type of hot water system

'Working Relationships' online test

Working Relationships online test

Plumbing organisations • plans • documents • constraction team • limited companies

'Sanitation/Above Ground Drainage' online test

Sanitation online test

Waste • traps • guttering • main stack • toilets • sinks • wash basins • baths • stub stack

'Gas Safety' online test

ACS Gas Safety online test

Gas Regs • pipework • controls • meters • testing • unsafe situations • combustion • flues • ventilation • gas rate

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